Saturday, December 26 | 4:24 PM

POP-UP Return: Updates!

We hope you like our capsule update! More coming your way, but in limited quantities. The current 3 items are already running out of sizes due to the early birds, so sorry! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates soon.

As we have mentioned earlier, this is a POP-UP return, and we will be closing again by 12th January, so we hope you'll be enjoying our short but sweet updates as much as we are! Come by while it lasts :)

Due to the limited amount of stock versus high demand, we will operate on a payment first basis, customers who confirm immediately and make immediate payment will have priority. All items are shipped with PosLaju, we will not be doing meet-ups unless at our convinience due to our busy schedule. However, you are free to request for cheaper postage options if you prefer so (local registered mail or PosEkspres).

Some good news: we now accept PAYPAL, for our international buyers! Yay!

Also, we are offering Australian residents the option to pay by Australian bank transfer, and Australian POST option, if they are willing to wait for us to get back to Melbourne so we can ship it locally. Longer wait but lower shipping cost, and no risk of the occasional international shipping mishap! Items for the Australian POST option will be shipped out by 20th January and limited slots available.

In the mean time, feel free to enquire if you have any questions!

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! :D