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Indiana, suave!


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This baby was one treasure of a find!

See the trench belt? Wear it down, wear it tied up or wear it belted. We love the collar just as much, flip it up and button it up for a tall mandarin collar, or push the flaps down.

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Check out the miniature belts on the cuffs, and the fact that this jacket is basically a cropped trench coat, where can you find something like this! One the picture on the right, you can catch a glimpse of the "W" shaped back detail. (Mail us if you'd like to see a picture!)

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One of the many details we adore: (left, actual colour) the buttons on the collar and the asymmetrical shoulder details! One side is a flap with a button, and the other has a diagonal pocket. Check out the close-up of the cuff on the right picture.

For all those and the fact the cut, colour and design is just the perfect thing to have when the weather gets a little chilly, get this trench inspired jacket for a steal price of:


Size S - SOLD
(Fits UK size XS to UK size M)

Size M - SOLD

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